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Ignatian Year 2021-22

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Celebrating 500 years from the conversion of St. Ignatius of Loyola

May 20, 2021 - July 31, 2022


Five hundred years ago, St. Ignatius of Loyola experienced an event that would change the course of his life... and the world. As a young soldier in the Spanish army, Ignatius dreamed of fame and glory. But everything changed when he was suddenly and gravely injured by a cannonball while in battle at Pamplona. While in recovery, Ignatius experienced a spiritual conversion and immediately decided to make a change: he found a new sense of purpose and set out to establish the Society of Jesus.


If not for Ignatius' "cannonball" moment, we wouldn't have hundreds of Jesuit colleges, universities, parishes or organizations that all serve to make the world a greater place. This year, all Jesuit works across the world will begin celebrating the Ignatian Year on May 20, 2021: the 500th anniversary of Ignatius' "cannonball" moment. Celebrations will conclude on the Feast Day of St. Ignatius: July 31, 2022.

We are celebrating the Ignatian Year to commemorate the 500th anniversary of an experience that transformed Ignatius of Loyola forever and gave rise to a spirituality and form of education that has shaped millions of people over the past five centuries.

The Ignatian Year presents an opportunity for conversion among the whole Jesuit higher educational community.

Events celebrating The Ignatian Year
  • Interview with Elliton Fernandes
  • Vocation Stories
Principal Fr. Pedro Rodrigues S. J.,hails from Aldona.He started his teaching profession at Loyola in 2003 .In 2014, Fr. started Loyola Higher Secondary and is presently the Principal. In 2018
Fr. also started St. Paul  P. U. College in Belgaum. Fr. started his Novitiate in Nashik and travelled to different parts of the world to complete his Priestly formation. His main Apostolate is Education.
Fr. Lewis Gomes S.J. an eminent Jesuit. He was a Socius to the Provincial. He has  also conducted extensive programs for the youth at Old Goa. He continues his work as a Spiritual leader .
Fr. Jimmy Mendes S.J. has been in the teaching profession since 2016. He completed his Theology degree from JDV University, Pune. Further completed his studies in Philosophy from Satyanilayam, Chennai. Besides teaching at Loyola High School, he is also involved in programmes on Spirituality for the youth.
  • Inaugural Mass - Inaugural Eucharistic Celebration  
To mark the beginning of the Ignatian Jubilee Year, a plaque commemorating 500 years of the canonization of St. Ignatius of Loyola was unveiled at the hands of our esteemed chairman Reverend Fr. Cedric Fernandes on 30th June.
The theme for the mass was " See All Things New in Christ"   
  • Wallpaper display on Ignatian Values
In honor of the Ignatian Jubilee Year, a wallpaper themed "Ignatian Values" was displayed in the school premises on 30th June 2021. The wallpaper highlighted the Ignatian values - Authenticity, Integrity, Courage, Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Healing, Service and Justice. 
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  • Feast Day of St. Ignatius
July 31, is the feast day of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus who passed away on this day in the year 1556.
  • Principal's talk on the significance of the Ignatian Year
  • Familiarising Jesuit Institutions
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